Closed for inventory/maintence Oct 6th-17th, if you have an appointment during this time it is still valid. If you would like to get in touch with us during that time please send an email.


Due the current influx of demand we have gone to an appointment only schedule. If you have any questions please text our number or email as we are understaffed trying to answer phones. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your paitence.

We are receiving about 200+ messages a day from email/text/calls but are trying our best to answer everyone's questions.

A couple of the often seen questions.

We are currently not taking anymore appointments for firearm sales, transfers or FSC tests. Our appointments are filled for the next 4 weeks. If you currently have an appointment or are in contact with us we have you down already.

Please do NOT ship us a firearm or ammo at this time for transfers.

Send only one message, please do not send us a message on every known channel/frequency/media. It is very difficult to track and organize when this happens and slows us down when responding to everyone. (give me a ping vasily, one ping only please)


We are still open for service and repair work but this is also by appointment only right now. Our turn around time for work is not predictable at the moment with the increase in demand and supply/ shipping of parts from suppliers being strained.


If you have something here being worked on, we have not forgotten about you. I am staying late at the workbench every night to get things finished. (really where else am I going to go anyways)

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us, and thanks for the support and patience during these interesting times.


Welcome to Applied Kinetics

Your source for quality AR15/10 rifles and custom firearms services.

We offer a full line of gunsmith services along with CNC machine work, refinishing services and hydrographic pattern application.


See examples of our work on instagram at stonescustomglocks

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Business Calendar: Special Hours/Events


If you are unable to visit during our regular hours, please call or email us to setup an appointment. We will gladly try to accommodate your schedule.


Call Us: 714-253-4047